Computers for children

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 10:31:38 1999

Megan wrote:
> >The main reason that *I* am aware of with people being down on BASIC is
> >that it, in a sense, encourages writing spagetti code (probably with the
> >inappropriate use of the GOTO statement.)

> The idea that a language (like C or PASCAL) ensures that you will write
> good code is a complete falacy...


> I'm sorry, but I truly believe that anyone who looks down on BASIC
> because the code *can* be spaghetti-code cannot be considered a real
> programmer in my book...

I think it *really* depends on what your objective is. With my limited
programming experience, it appears that programming is pretty trivial
*compared* to the task of defining what the program is supposed to do. My
personal belief is that nobody who only knows (as opposed to uses) a single
language could be considered a real programmer. The problem with BASIC is
not the language, but rather IMHO it is too easy to pick up bad "program
construction thinking" habits especially if BASIC is the first language a
person learns without "proper" instruction.
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