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Date: Wed Jan 13 13:18:38 1999

On 13 Jan 99 at 9:44, Alex Knight wrote:

> Hi,
> One of my more interesting acquisitions along the way of looking
> for early-model calculators has been a nearly-complete set of
> Scientific American magazines from 1965-1978. In the 1960's
> issues there are a few interesting articles about computer
> development and evolution and some advertisements for old
> computer equipment. I am working on a list of these articles
> & ads which will take some time to complete, but I did
> want to point out one particular issue that has a wealth of
> info. & photos about mid 70's computer technology. The issue
> is the September 1977 special issue on Microelectronics.
> Inside, there are advertisements for things like the Bally
> "Home Library Computer", Apple II (2-page color spread),
> Texas Instruments 990/9900, Heathkit H8,H9,H10,H11, HP 21MX/HP1000,
> Harris S-110, E&L MMD-1 microcomputer, Vector Graphics, IMSAI
> (2-page color spread), Floating Point Systems, Digital LSI-11,
> Digital Group, Byte Shop, PolyMorphic Systems, and SOL-20.
> Also, in the articles, the following things (among many others)
> are covered or photographed: IMSAI 8048 SBC, Intel 8748 photograph,
> Intel SBC 80/10 & Intellec MDS-80, Burroughs B80, CRAY-1,
> IBM 370/168, PDP-11/03, 11/60, 11/70, Xerox PARC "Experimental
> Personal Computer", Smalltalk, and much, much more ;-)
> There's a lot of calculator stuff, too, which will eventually
> be documented on my Web page.
> If you're interested in this type of stuff, it might make a
> trip down to your local public library worthwhile to see if
> they still have this issue (on paper or fiche).
> Regards,
> Alex
> Calculator History & Technology Archive
 I have that edition in my collection. I have 2 other S.A.s
that have micro themes. The Nov. 65 issue, one of the articles is
 by Hao Wang , and the Sept 66 which is all computer related

ciao larry
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