PDP 11/23 advice

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_monmouth.com>
Date: Thu Jan 14 12:52:04 1999

> Bill Pechter said...
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> |The Sparcstation SLC's are kind of slick. The problem is the memory for
> |them costs more than the SLC. They're 72 pin 33 bit wide... You can
> |use parity 76pin. The problem is most of them have 16mb in 'em and you
> |need at least 32-48 mb (I recommend 64) to run Solaris or SunOS.
> 0) So don't run the windowing system.

Remember it's about a 486/33 on the SLC speed.
It's still slow.

> 1) What about Linux? Has it been ported to the SLC yet?

Yup. So's NetBSD.

> 2) There was some software to turn old Suns into X terminals.
> Was it ported to the SLCs? While 16MB isn't a lot for an X
> terminal, it will work in some situations.

It works... but slow since the frame buffer was less than your
reasonable VGA of today.

> -Miles

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