Questions on today's acquisitions

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 17:17:18 1999

Made a few purchases today, and have questions on them all:

HP 150 with an HP 9133 expansion chassis. Anybody know what kind of
keyboard this takes? It has a 6 prong telephone style connector.

Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40. This is a lot like the TRS-80
PC-4 in appearance, but a bit bigger. It has BASIC in ROM and a
connector for cartridges. Is there anything actually useful for this?
THe keyboards too small to do any actual word processing.

MPP-1150 Parallel Printer Interface by Supra Corporation. This has a
parallel connector on the one end and a strange 13 pin connector which
looks something like this:
on the other end. Does anybody know what computer this goes to?

And lastly, I have a single IC in a bag labeled "printer". The chip says
"NEC RI8739-I35 D2332C 374". Does anybody know what this is? Anybody
want it?

Tom Owad

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