Apple Calmpute

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 10:22:53 1999

On 15 Jan 99 at 9:04, Marvin wrote:

> Doug Yowza wrote:
> >
> > ObCC: I seem to recall somebody producing a biofeedback device for the
> > Apple ][ in the early 80's that would let you control some computerstuff
> > via a galvanic sensor.
> I think you are talking about the Calmpute from HesWare. It is advertised
> as a Biofeedback Stress Reduction Program and has a picture lf Leonard Nimoy
> on the cover. Basically, the unit looks like a mouse except instead of
> buttons, it has two metalic plates where your fingers rest against. The
> software is for teh Apple II+ and Apple //e.
 Who was HesWare ? I have a couple of Vic20 cartridges by them and IIRC
there were some C64 cartridges. They seemed to avoid the games and more
exploitive software in favor of things like there Vic20 Monitor program.

ciao larry
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