Desoldering (was Re: Computers for children (soldering)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 18:45:58 1999

At 06:50 PM 1/15/99 +0000, Tony wrote:
>I'd love a proper vacuum desolder station, but it's rather out of my
>price range, and not essential...

So would I, however a while back (5 years?) someone on sci.electronics
reccomended the desoldering iron that Radio Shack (Tandy in your woods I
believe) sold. This $8.99 wonder was basically a soldering iron with a bulb
on top and a pipe to the tip. This thing works _great_! I the soldapult's
would always fire too late or I'd take to long to get it on to the joint
and that would be a problem. Not the RS tool. I push the bulb, stick the
lead in the suction hole, when the solder melts and the tool settles down
to the PCB you quickly let go your thumb and poof! quite clean hole with
the lead free standing in the middle of it. I've pulled 14 pin ICs using
this thing and kept both the board and chip intact!

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