Desoldering (was Re: Computers for children (soldering)

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 23:31:31 1999

On or about 04:45 PM 1/15/99 -0800, Chuck McManis was caught in a dark
alley speaking these words:

>So would I, however a while back (5 years?) someone on sci.electronics
>reccomended the desoldering iron that Radio Shack (Tandy in your woods I
>believe) sold. This $8.99 wonder was basically a soldering iron with a bulb
>on top and a pipe to the tip. This thing works _great_!

Yea, well... they work even better if you get the iron-clad tips, otherwise
when you're working with older boards that (at least seem to) have more
acidic resins, the cheezier tips don't last very long.

That, and 5x suction would be nice... been dreaming about hooking up my
shopvac to the thing (Tim Allen, eat your heart out... ;-) but never got
around to it...

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