formatting gunk [Re: Commodore 1541 on ebay for $8500.00]

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 23:26:56 1999

On or about 05:45 PM 1/15/99 -0800, Joseph S. Barrera III was caught in a
dark alley speaking these words:

>Sorry. I do have plain text set, but sometimes the mailer thinks it knows
>better than I do how my mail should be sent.

Erm, are you speaking mailer as in mail *client* or mail *server*. If mail
client, there should be a setting that states "Never send HTML." If you're
talking about the mail server / mail routing software, it's not supposed to
do *anything* to the message for multi-platform conformity. Period. If it
is, it's so out-of-whack re: the RFC's that it should be tarred &
feathered, shot, gouged, sliced, covered with leeches, and then urinated on.

>Excuse me while I send off some nasty internal email about this issue

Who keeps resetting your mailing software? Bill Gates? If so, everything
listed above should be done to him, too.

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