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Date: Mon Jan 18 12:56:15 1999

This is posted to two lists, apologies to those (Tony) who get it twice.

The library here at Power Tech is throwing out some old books. I got a
few, including the odd duplicate of things I'm often asked about, but there
are many more, all to go in the skip by the end of the week unless rescued.

I intend to keep the Mech. eng. handbook, but the others I will send to
anyone who can demonstrate a need (such as "I have a box full of TRAM
boards but no programming info") for the cost of shipping (I am in
Coalville, England). Oh yes. Raeto West's book (I already have it) is
about the best book on the PET you could hope to get.

Here's the list:

Baumeister, Marks, "Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers", 7th edn,
McGraw Hill 1967

Dunn S, Morgan V, "The PET Personal Computer for Beginners", Prentice Hall,

Osborne A, Donahue C S, "PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide" 2nd edn., McGraw
Hill, 1980

West R C, "Programming the PET/CBM", Level, 1982

Eggebrecht L C, "Interfacing to the IBM Personal Computer", H W Sams, 1983

Brodie L, "Starting FORTH", Prentice Hall, 1981

Brodie L, "Thinking FORTH", Prentice Hall, 1984

Jones G, Goldsmith M, "Programming in Occam 2", Prentice Hall, 1988

Berry P, "Sharp APL Reference Manual", I P Sharp, 1979

Gilman L, Rose A J, "APL - an Interactive Approach", 2nd edn, 1976

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