Famous quotes(4 drives on a PC) (was:: Merced - and the ol' Unix story (was Re: OT, but info needed: RAM uprade))

From: John Ruschmeyer <jruschme_at_hiway1.exit109.com>
Date: Mon Jan 18 13:06:00 1999

> Nice, and sounds good, but often (as here found) just a
> modern, urban legend - the IBM twist was just a genius
> thing to keep part storage and maintainance costs low -
> with the twisted cable you _can't_ install a wrong drive
> as add on, and you _don't_ need to check any jumper or
> what ever (supposed the drive is factory jumpered to #1)

Those of us who own older Tandy's are well familiar with their
drive setup- jumper all drive selects and pull pins on the cable.

Same problem, alternative solution.

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