OT- How to solve replying in HTML problem in Outlook Express

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Tue Jan 19 08:19:27 1999

> > I'm not shure if derek has the aprobiate configuration privileges,
> > but basicly it should be possible to use a small script (or programm)
> > to strip all HTML tags from all mails processsed thru the list processor.

> Well, I could set up the list like this:

> - I can approve/discard any message

Please not ?

> - I can alter any message (as opposed to approving it unaltered)

You like heavy work ?

> And then my script could alter messages automatically.

Better :)

> However, I don't think that's a good idea. The junk resulting from
> stripping the HTML tags would be worse than the HTML itself.

I don't know, I had a similar programm running to extract wordlists
from the web, and the result was surpiringly good readable (ok, line
breaks are random). Every HTML tag was replaced by a single space
character (x'20') - this might be enhanced by only insert a space
if there is no other space.

> It might be a better idea to reject HTML messages. I've been tempted to do
> that... I think the problem of HTML messages is much worse than the problem
> of off-topic discussions, in fact.

Jep, complete agree. But when start to reject ? As soon as a
single HTML tag is inserted ? Then we cant even discuss about
a certain feature (and HTML will soon be on topic as classic :).
Or only reject when there is a sytactical correct beginning
(< HTML >) ? Then some of the 'random' insertiations are _not_
to be rejected. Rejection isn't a technical problem, but rather
the definition _when_ to reject.

> But is it possible that some members
> might not be able to reconfigure their mailers for plain text? (I'm not
> saying they might not know how, I'm saying they might not be able to do it
> no matter how much they want to or how smart they are.)

Thats the oter thing - as Ward (?) described, there are some
ISP/software combinations where the user has no choice other
than accept it or go berserk.

Until now, I can only see the HTML elimination as a first
step to reduce the noise.


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