Visual Technology Commuter "portable"

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Jan 18 20:50:03 1999

At 05:12 PM 1/18/99 -0600, you wrote:
>My brother-in-law has found a Visual Technology Commuter
>"portable" at a local thrift. It's operational and runs
>PC-DOS 3.10, for which its previous owner thoughtfully
>included a boot diskette.
>This machine has an LCD display, and two 1/2 height
>black face 5.25" floppy drives and 512K of RAM. Despite
>a diligent internet search, this is all we know.
>Does anyone here have any fond memories and/or pointers
>to more information on this machine?

  Do you mean that huge portable with the black handle that turns into
something similar to tar?

   If so, I have one and I've been offered another. My Visual portable has
a tip up screen about half the size of the machine but only has a tiny LCD
screen in it. The plug for the screen on mine is bad but it works with a
regular monitor. The other machine & screen works fine. I think I have a
copy of the original disk, but I know I don't have any docs.

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