Nicolet XF44

From: John Foust <>
Date: Tue Jan 19 09:30:22 1999

At 05:17 PM 1/18/99 -0800, Doug Coward wrote:
>Marvin <> said:
>>Last night I was given (what I think is) another computer labeled Nicolet
>>Model XF44.
> This sounds a lot like one that I have, need two?
>Any way, it seem to be diskette storage for a Nicolet
>Model 4094 Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
>It's listed here:

As I've related before on this list, in relation to Sam's (?) Nicolet
machines, Nicolet still exists at the same location in Madison, Wisconsin,
not far from here, and an old friend of mine works there. They've
been producing their own computers for quite some time. They seem
to have kept a few spare parts and working machines of representative
old models, but it's poorly organized and the knowledge transmitted

- John
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