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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Tue Jan 19 11:57:30 1999

> > > Come on now, what you don't seem to remember is that it was less than
> > > half as expensive as any other similar machine at the time. And no,
> > > I'm not prejudiced because I wrote the Byte magazine review of it. :)
> > > It's a great hackers machine because almost nothing is in ROM and with
> > > a little hardware hacking it could be made pretty close to an IBM PC
> > > in terms of compatibility and a heck of a lot faster.

> > Faster? Are we talking about the same machine? The Sanyo had to be the
> > only clone that ever took IBM's pokey 4.77Mz clock and *reduced* it to
> > 3.58MHz!

> I did say with a little hardware hacking. You could OC it to 7.16 with a
> V20.

Apropos overclocking the PC - does anybody remember the Screamer
card ? An AddOn card that did increase the clock in 4 steps
between 4.77 and 9.54 MHz (AFAIR) _seperate_ for each 64 K
block of mem via a set of dip switches. The speed selection
was also programmable. They supplied a programm that tested
the installed memory to see the maximum possible clock and
give the instructions to set the switches. And the PC was
whoooping fast :) Also a V20 was supported. I installed it
to runn Pool of Radiance, a back then popular game, that
already was _a_bit_ slow on an original PC (with VGA),
since the AT was already available.

You know, most real world programmer only optimizes a
programm until it runs faily acceptable on _his_ machine
- and they have to have always the newest EQ...
(A similar Game - same developer - was available on the
APPLE ][ and did run well with a 1 MHz 6502 :)

So, back to my question, does anybody remember this Card ?
Have there been similar aproaches ? Additional Software ?
(I never could get hand on any in deep documentation or


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