Sanyo 55x detractors (was:RE: IBM Floppy...)

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Jan 20 08:51:48 1999

At 03:03 AM 1/20/99 +0000, you wrote:
>> > I also nominate the Sanyo 550 computers has having THE worst
>> > documentation of any computer ever sold in the US!
>> I have to agree, at that time Sanyo's hardware documentation policy
>> sucked. In order to get the HW info, you had to attend a Sanyo
>> service class (I seem to recall the class fee to be around $300).
>How is this worse than Sharp (who won't supply me with _any_ docs or
>service parts for their printers/photocopiers) or Canon (who won't supply
>me with a board-swapper's manual without going on a course (which costs a
>lot more that $300 BTW)).
>Or, indeed, a modern PC clone where docs are simply unavailable. Try
>getting the schematics of any part of PC sometime...
>And I can assure you that figuring out the Sanyo is a lot easier than any
>of the above...

   But you at least got installation and owner instructions with Sharp,
Perq, Canon. You didn't even get that with the 550. The DOS manual was
FULL of errors and omissions. For example, the entry on the DIR command
didn't even mention the switchs (/A, /W, etc).

   BTW does anyone have any instructions or info on the Canon SX-320

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