Ebay notices, was re: PDP-8 on e-bay

From: Doug <doug_at_blinkenlights.com>
Date: Wed Jan 20 16:40:56 1999

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Marvin wrote:

> Doug, we have a *major* difference of opinion here, and it is leading
> nowhere. Sorry you are bent out of shape about it. Also just in case you
> are not aware, personal contacts are something that take time, trust, and
> common interests to develop.

Stealthy bidding and bargain finding also takes time and patience, so I'll
agree to leave your contact list alone if you agree to stop advertsing
online auctions that I *may* be bidding in.

> > You expressed concern when you found that somebody was willing to pay a
> > higher price than a closing bid. Did you have that same concern when you
> > paid a few dollars for an Altair or an IBM 5100?
> You need to remind me of when and what that concern was all about as nothing
> comes to mind.

Marvin said:
 I have also seen a number of instances where a given listmember was not
willing to bid at the prices the items were going for, and perhaps another
listmember would have been willing to bid higher. Cases like that are
changing my mind as to letting listmembers know when I find something *I*
think is interesting.

> Re: the Altairs, I got them back when people were tossing them to clear
> out the garage; a totally different situation.

AFAICT, it's a different situation because *you* took possession of the
Altairs. But if you saw an Altair going for a couple of bucks on ebay in
which you weren't a bidder, I suspect you would try to "fix" that

-- Doug
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