C-64 Stuff

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Jan 20 16:46:30 1999

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> ::Right now, I have 3 non-working C-64s plus some parts with a few more (I
> ::think at least two more) to be added. I hate throwing stuff like this out,
> ::but when stuff starts encroaching on the kitchen table for more than a few
> ::hours, my wife starts to object :)! Anyone who wants this stuff is welcome
> ::to it for the cost of shipping.
> Do you have a MOS 8564 in that mess of chips? That's the VIC-II in the 128
> series.

No, these are all C-64s although I do have some Vic-20s in the same shape I
haven't gotten to yet. I've noted the chip, and if I see one, I'll let you
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