E-bay trauma

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Date: Thu Jan 21 11:36:12 1999

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Subject: E-bay trauma

> health. I buy enough Stuff via the Net as it is. But that's just Me.
Ditto here, I find some good deals by net and thanks to this
beloved list that I was able to score few. :-)

> My tuppence: If I find a nice juicy PDP-11 system for sale, I will
> either buy it myself, and crow about it here afterwards, or pass on it
> and announce it here for others to consider. Then, IMHO, the same
> situation obtains: someone will be successful and the others will be
> dissappointed. C'est la Vie X2. I see no difference if the Item is
> languishing on a lonely loading dock or represented on a public
> auction forum.

Exactly! It's bad enough to trumpt there's one while someone is
trying to score a deal but suddenly many come out of woodwork
and bidding prices fly so high enough to knock off moon.

Please! Keep it quiet and leave people to find it and when one
score a deal then their choices to announce or whatever their
preferances are.

> John

Jason D.
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