Informer(terminal) modem problem

From: Colan Mitchell <>
Date: Thu Jan 21 11:58:02 1999

I have an Informer terminal (emulates vt100) that seems to be working
o.k. except that when I dial out It rings once, twice, rarely three times
and then reports no dial tone. The phone chord is fine. I thought that
perhaps it wasn't making a connection with the socket so I did some
wiggling around with it but to no avail. The manual that came with it is
actually wrong about the machine in terms of how to enter setup for the
modem, and I have no idea what the modem speed is so that is a problem as
well. I assumed first 300 bps and it initialized but still the problem
with the loss of dial tone. It also initialized at 1200 but the same
problem. This is from 1983 so I figured it was probably 1200, maybe 2400,
but I don't know. I tried it on tone AND pulse, but nothing either way.
The modem is not removable as its basically the bulk of the electronics.
It does offer a serial port which I will try but don't have an external
modem on hand.
        Any idea why the loss of a dial tone?

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