Kaypros and Osbornes

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Thu Jan 21 14:58:39 1999

> > >::Meanwhile, no one's ever heard of a Zorba, so I don't know why the two I've
> > >::heard about sold for over $100.

> > >Okay, I'll bite: what's a Zorba?

> > Suitcase luggable, CP/M, much like the Kaypro. The company that made the
> > Zorba was supposedly coming out with another model, but I don't know if
> > they ever did.

> Well, actually they had two models. The Zorba and the Nomis.
> The Nomis (Simon spelled backwards) was just a 98tpi Zorba.

> They had a third model designed (kind of like the Osborne Executive)
> which had user loadable terminal emulation as well as floppy emulation,
> but it never got out.

I heared the Zorba was build to fit some Army specs that an Osborne
can't do ... don't know if it's true, but at least I whish I had one.


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