Ebay: Stuff & Help needed with Osborne 1

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Tue Jan 26 01:13:56 1999

Hi Joe,

> Just to let you know... I had already put a bid on at least one of the items
> you posted about, and I was planning to snipe another one. I'm not going to
> tell you not to post your lists, but I'd be happier if you didn't.

Sorry if the posts caused you a problem, as that was not my intent. I am
*really* trying to rein myself in from going wild and making one posting a
day giving what I think are interesting auctions (and this is in no way
directed at you!) as a direct attack on basically Doug for making such a
racket about my posts. Doug and I have a very basic disagreement in our
philosophies of what this hobby is all about. But that disagreement has
absolutely no business being brought up to the listserver on a constant

As I have said before publically, I will continue to post items I think
might be of interest to the list members. I have gone to quite a few
auctions, and I have no problem telling friends of mine what is going on
even when I know they might well be bidding against me. While I might end
up losing a few items, the benefits of working together far outway any short
term loses.

BTW, I think any experienced bidder will snipe, and I tell everyone I know
that wants to buy on ebay to snipe. I still remember driving up the price on
a Sol-20 by checking and bidding every day against someone else who wanted
it (and got it!)
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