Alto II (was Re: PDP-8 prices

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 01:06:56 1999

> I was all set to write one until you told me it would be too hard, so I
> dropped the project :)
> Seems like these obstacles could be over come with some clever state
> machine programming.

Perhaps. I'm looking forward to whatever Tony has to say.

> Stop being a nay-sayer and just do it, Derek! That's what college is for.
> You could win a Haggle Online Best-of-Show award this year at the VCF with
> it!

You already gave me that incentive about three times, and both of those
ideas were FAR easier. Well, building a replica of Zuse's Z-3 may not be
easier. But my Apple ][ programming ideas are easier, and bringing my
Marchant is MUCH easier. So why should I bother doing the difficult stuff,
if the reward is the same? :)

-- Derek
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