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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 01:41:32 1999

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Derek Peschel wrote:

> You already gave me that incentive about three times, and both of those
> ideas were FAR easier. Well, building a replica of Zuse's Z-3 may not be
> easier. But my Apple ][ programming ideas are easier, and bringing my
> Marchant is MUCH easier. So why should I bother doing the difficult stuff,
> if the reward is the same? :)

That having been said, I'm now announcing a new rule for qualification to
win an award:

Section 1024.144K

Anyone with the name of Derek Peschel may not win a prize by submitting an
easy hack, such as Apple ][ Programming Ideas or anything related to the
Marchant. Said person must submit projects that are either creating a
microcode simulator for a Xerox D-machine (or other machines of its ilk)
or setting up and operating a Cray 1 in the center of the VCF exhibit
hall. Anything less will result in banishment from the premises!

How's that for incentive?
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