An observation: [was Re: Oliveti ETV 260]

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 15:43:41 1999

James Willing <> wrote:
> And by the way... a direct response (or at least a 'cc') is also probably
> a good idea when responding to an unfamililar name offering goodies...
> Not everyone who drops a message in our direction will be a 'subscriber'.

 I apologize to anyone that is offering free colectable
old computers. I surely didn't intend to offend. I don't
believe I 'cc'ed the originator. I hope the unit finds
a good home someplace in the UK.
 I thought I'd stripped any rich text before passing on
but maybe I'd miss some.
 I'm some what new to this particular group and don't want
to get off on the wrong foot. I enjoy working on these old
machines and find great joy in making them actually run
after other have discarded them.
 To keep other off topic trafic down, just email me
if you have comments.
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