IBM Displaywriter

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 29 20:39:35 1999

 I picked up an IBM Displaywriter keyboard unit in a local thrift after eyeing
it for a couple of weeks and finally couldn't resist adding it to my
living-space challenged collection.
 I remember seeing mention of it in an old 81 datamation mag and a 50s
style picture of a dedicated secretary busy at work on one and other info in
possibly an old Byte. It was touted as being very popular to the point that it
was touted over the PC and that CP/M programs were being ported to it.
 I opened it up and it has only a small I/O board with a 15 pin connector and
takes it's power off that. It looks like an oversized C64.
 It obviously doesn't have enough electronics to be more than a keyboard
terminal, but I don't recall seeing a box in the picture. I had understood the
displaywriter to be a stand alone machine. Did it have an additional box or was
it meant to connect to a CRT terminal hooked to a mainframe ?
 At present it would seem to be about to join the 3270 monitor I have (can't
remember the model #) as interesting but unusable.
 Or could I get gadzillion bucks for it on e-pay ? Any info ?

ciao larry
Received on Fri Jan 29 1999 - 20:39:35 GMT

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