Handicapping competitions

From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Fri Jan 29 20:39:34 1999

On 29 Jan 99 at 17:18, Doug Coward wrote:

> Philip said:
> >My usual method is to hold workpiece in left hand, iron in right hand and
> >solder dispenser in mouth. I have also been known, when using solder
> >straight from the reel, to make a fairly rigid structure from solder.
> >Assuming a fixed workpiece, I suppose I could then hold the iron in my
> >mouth...
> Owww.. Don't you get a face full of flumes from the solder?
> And because of the small parallax (eyes to mouth), don't you
> have a depth perception problem here? As well as a stiff neck?
> (Not to mention sucking on that piece of lead in your mouth.)
> Try this. Holding the iron in your right hand, take about
> 8" of solder and wrap it a couple of turns around the tip of
> your little finger (right hand) with about 6" extending toward
> the tip of iron. You can control the solder by moving your little
> finger back and forth. Sure, you will wind up with a few short
> pieces of solder, but you can use them on jobs that don't take so
> much gymnastics.
> -Doug

 Or you could spend about $10 bucks for a little multiclamp holder.
Mine even has a magnifying glass on it.

ciao larry
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