Hello all!

From: Jon Healey <museum_at_techniche.com>
Date: Sun Jan 31 11:28:41 1999

Hi Jay,

I wanted to reply to you.

I have a system that you might be interested in.

It's a 2100S Microprogrammable System Computer

It is a rack mount box about a foot high and 2.5 feet deep.
I also have a similarly sized expansion box for it.

These were pulled from a large bank of racked surplus
equipment. It was all wired and presumably working when
it was decommissioned. Although I've never applied power
to it. In fact I also have some kind of an HP monitor that was

Both units are populated with cards (including HPIB interface
cards and the cables to interconnect the two boxes).

Someone once pointed me to a photograph of this system
on the web, but I don't recall off-hand were it is. It has
little square luminated push-button switched on the front of
the primary box. The expansion box has a plain front panel.

If this is the kind of item you're looking for we might be
able to trade. I don't think I'd want to sell it outright. I didn't see
where you were from. This unit is REAL heavy. Each of the two enclosures
probably weigh about 80lbs so would probably be
expensive to ship.

I'm located in New Hampshire (zip 03103).

I collect homebuilt kits and single board computers and
related materials including documentation from approximately

Kind of things I'm looking for:
Altair :: Imsai :: AIM-65 :: An original ELF :: Ohio Scientific equip.
Ithaca :: maybe a PDP-8? :: definately a SCELBI H8


>I just found out about this list so I thought I'd post this here in case
>someone can help... I appologize if this is a repeat post!
>Looking for anything HP21MX or HP2000 related - cpu's, peripherals, etc.
>Many of the HP1000 system peripherals are of interest too. My particular
>interest is TSB (Time Share BASIC), not RTE, so I'm also interested in
>IOP Roms, etc.
>Especially interested in the following:
>21mx series cpus and controllers
>2748A or 2748B high speed paper tape reader
>790x type disk drives (7900, 7905, or 7906)
>7970 tape drive
>TSB 1541 rev c or later paper tape (binary, loader1, and loader2)
>This is for a private collection, hobbyist use (not business or resale) -
>does anyone have any of this stuff around in storage they'd be willing to
>part with?
>Please reply directly to jay_at_tseinc.com. Thanks!
>Jay West
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