State of the Hobby

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Thu Jul 1 08:49:02 1999

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
>The phrase "prices...out of reach of people who can handle these machines"
>sounds like you don't consider anyone with money to be technically
>competent. I'm sure that's not what you meant... right?

The people who can pay these prices will now be able to get these
computers whether they are competent or not. Most of the people on this
list, however, will no longer be able to get these machines. That is why
the people on this list are becoming upset. A shorter way of putting it is
that the machine will be sold to the highest bidder, not to the person who
can preserve the machine best.

--Max Eskin ( Ignorance is Impotence - Knowledge is Power
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