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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Thu Jul 1 09:54:56 1999

Hi Glen,

>I _will_ name them -- I work with Windows 9x every day, and it's a
>horrible travesty, a poor excuse for an operating system....

Don't get me started on WIn'95....I've had several months of headaches caused
by THAT OS since I upgraded my PC.

>....It saddens me to see that people accept this crap....

Quite, I'd be using Linux right now if I could get versions of the software I
need to use for it.

>Why do the Brits hate the BBC Micro?

Didn't know we did....I love the machine. My favourite after the Atari 8-bits,
great for hacking around on and devoid of the major design compromises that
made hacking my old ZX-81 such a pain in the butt (I wouldn't care if I never
saw another Sinclair machine as long as I live).

> Please advise, as this may be my next foray into collecting, if I can find
>one and move it without a forklift . . .

Minis come in all shapes and sizes, I'm concentrating on minis and workstations
myself now (getting rid of just about all of my micros save for the Ataris, a
BBC Master, a CBM P-500, a CBM 8296-D and an HP-150).

You can get nice compact systems if you look around, especially when it comes
to PDP-11s and (Micro)VAXen. In fact I picked up an IBM mini last week, though
it's probably too new to be on topic in here, an AS/400 model 9404 which is not
too much bigger than a pair of PCs in full tower cases....

  TTFN - Pete.

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