State of the Hobby

From: LordTyran <>
Date: Thu Jul 1 18:34:57 1999

> You wanna collect computers? The thrift stores are full of 386s and 486s
> that you can get for next to nothing! Truck loads of em go in the landfill
> every single day. Nooooo... You wanna collect fancy computers with blinken
> lights and all kinda of cool stuff that noone else has and you expect to
> get it for nothing.
> Get over it!

Good point! I *do* collect the 386s and 486s... not particularly as
collector's items -- they're still too common. However, they still are
useful computers, so I clean them up, put Linux on them, and give them a
good home in my basement. Even if they takee a while, they're still useful
for Distributed.Net and SETI_at_HOME stuff... besides, they're great to drop
a few 100 meg HDs into and mount over NFS.

> As a fairly new collector, I gotta say, you guys are spoiled. No-one ever
> gave me an ALTAIR and I still love the hobby.

Some here. I have been given a great deal of my stuff... 2 TRS-80Cocos,
Atari 800, C64s (oodles), an Amiga 2000 (great machine!) and a few 386s...
amoungst lots of parts.

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