State of the Hobby

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Jul 1 21:46:04 1999

<get running, irrespective of the associated problems. Suggestions abound,
<of course, but solid help from experienced users is scarce because there
<weren't many.

Even then the suggestions would involve mods that some may be too timid
to undertake.

Altair in the s100 realm is the worst first machine to tackle. The IMSAI
is a stable machine next to it.

<What I want to know is why a beginner would want to run old hardware if he
<doesn't know anything about hardware in general and the general class of
<hardware with which he's dealing in particular. I can understand it if he

It's called clue impaired, they assembled a PC and they like you said think
S100 or maybe a Straight -8 should be trivial as it's from the dark ages
when they didn't have complicated stuff.

<Why do you suppose this is?

If you have a good answer, write a book. ;) Personally I believe it's
a total lack of knowledge and therefore they don't have the first clue
many of the early hobby machines of the altair ilk were "engineers toys"
or at least damm sharp techie types that werent afraid to read a few books.
Look at COMP.OS.CPM and you have someone looking for z80 data in electronic
form, one wonders if a library is near his home.

I will not speak of the damage done by the unknowing that cant solder either
or think a hotter iron will help the solder stick.

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