State of the Hobby

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Jul 2 07:27:06 1999

> If you have a good answer, write a book. ;) Personally I believe it's
> a total lack of knowledge and therefore they don't have the first clue
> many of the early hobby machines of the altair ilk were "engineers toys"
> or at least damm sharp techie types that werent afraid to read a few books.
> Look at COMP.OS.CPM and you have someone looking for z80 data in electronic
> form, one wonders if a library is near his home.
> I will not speak of the damage done by the unknowing that cant solder either
> or think a hotter iron will help the solder stick.
> Allison
The libraries here don't keep the old stuff too long.

I just bought Andy Johnson-Laird's book (a second copy) and the Sybex
CP/M Handbook for $0.25 each from the local library.

They were even dumping books on Word Perfect and Word Perfect 6.x for
Windows (got 'em too).

Bet they keep the MS-Office books. 8-(

I like Ami Pro and WS 6 the best of all of them doggone word processors.
(I'll still use FrameMaker and vi with troff most of the time for
my own stuff.)


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