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Rumor has it that may have mentioned these words:

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>> Also, back to the question above, I think by 1982 we might also have had
>> the Atari400. The C64 must have been around this time too. Probably the
>> Coco as well. Really, 1982 is pretty close to the start of the 8bit
>> explosion.
>CoCo I'm not sure of (without checking), 400 & C64 yes. But, all of these
>sold for many times the cost of a ZX81. Additionally, none of the above
>that perfect wedge shape, which really does make a perfect door-stop. ;>)

The CoCo was up for sale in Fall of 1979, IIRC, and sales lasted on the
CoCo3 thru mid-1992 (again, IIRC). I'm pretty sure that it was the first
commercial 8-bitter with a multi-user, multi-tasking OS available as
well... (when did M/PM (??) arrive?) IIRC, OS/9 was available around the
fall of 1981.

The CoCo also had a nice wedge shape to it giving it those nice doorstop
properties... however, as it was much bigger, you needed a much bigger door
to stop. ;-)

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