Keyboard repair parts?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Jul 2 12:11:11 1999

>Anyone know where to find keyboard repair parts for old 8-bit machines?
>Any good mail-order stores?
>Anyone remember the makers of the keyboards, switches, and/or key caps and
>color names?
>(I remember that Cherry made the TRS-80s keyboards.)

Best advice I can think of on this is don't toss broken keyboards, save
them for parts. You might also be able to unsolder, and refurbish the
keyswitch yourself. I've done this with an Apple Extended II keyboard
(just to nice a keyboard to toss). With a couple of old Mac Plus's I took
another broken keyboard and used it for parts to get two fully functional
keyboards (the Plus it went to was also used as parts).

Of course with some systems canablization isn't the answer, and depending
on the system, many of us, myself included might consider it criminal :^)

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