33ASR Update

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Fri Jul 2 23:25:36 1999

  Many, many, thanks to the person who posted the fix for gooey
print-hammer pads!! The one I got had turned viscid, so I scraped
it off, cleaned the tab, and affixed one of those little
peel-n-stick rubber feet. (one trade name is 'Bumpon'). It works
perfectly, and is just the right height.

  Now I am diagnosing the machine.. it has a stuck something in the
keyboard/reader. Some keys print a different character, and a few
print only their shifted symbol, and vice-versa. Neither does Return
work, tho I can trip the pawl by hand and the carriage smacks me in
the knuckle every time. Reading a test tape produces the same
result. So I am going to spread out the manuals and figure out which
codes are getting mangled.

  Other than that, it seems in good shape, still nicely oiled and
all belts in good condition... even the ribbon is still dark,
except for the portion that has been exposed for the last twenty
years, sitting on that lonely shelf...

  According to the Laws of Surplus Attractionm can a PDP-8 be far



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