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Date: Fri Jul 2 23:58:54 1999

Hi william:

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> As one who has spend quite a bit of time in industrial environments, I
> would say that MIS department was a bunch of Bozos for not getting
> industrial machines. Basically ANY floppy that spends its life at a
> loading dock is going to die very quickly, followed in short order by the
> power supply and keyboard.

Bozos, to say the least. But do you think that a bunch of mainframe guys in
1988 would listen to a lowly PC person? Besides, the IBM guys told them the
PCs would be okay, and they had already spent $20 per unit on those plastic
prophylactic keyboard skins . . . ;>) After IBM replaced the drives with
units which had the flap, they only croaked once a year instead of every
three months . . . and always in the middle of reading disk three of a five
disk software upgrade which I had sent them . .

My most entertaining project ever.


Glen Goodwin
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