PC to Mac file transfers

From: musicman38_at_mindspring.com <(musicman38_at_mindspring.com)>
Date: Tue Jul 6 16:06:18 1999

>>Does anyone here know how I can transfer downloaded files from my PC to my
>>newly acquired Mac by floppy disk.. ?
>>Any help greatly appreciated..
Hmmmm, something else
>to be aware of, I think you need the 1.44Mb floppy to be able to read FAT
>floppies, don't think that works with 800k floppies.

The Mac I just got is a "Macintosh Classic II" , and I think it has a 1.44
drive.. It has System 7.1 OS also..

So I will ask again if someone knows how I can teach the Mac to read floppys
from my PC,
and also the reverse..

I will be downloading software and files from the internet to my PC, and
then I need to
put them on the Mac Via Floppy disk..

Can anyone help?
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