PC to Mac file transfers

From: TheDM <thedm_at_sunflower.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 21:02:36 1999

There is a shareware program called Transmac. Search for yahoo on it, and
it will show up. I use it for the same thing, it's great. Or. You can
email it to your mac as well, I did that for a while.

you will have to use 720k floppies I think, easy enough to tape over the HD
hole and format it 720. If you need to transfer and a 720 wont do it, I
have enough hardware to get it done, since I use I IIfx as an appletalk
gateway over TCPIP.
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> >>Does anyone here know how I can transfer downloaded files from my PC to
> >>newly acquired Mac by floppy disk.. ?
> >>Any help greatly appreciated..
> >>Phil...
> >
> Hmmmm, something else
> >to be aware of, I think you need the 1.44Mb floppy to be able to read FAT
> >floppies, don't think that works with 800k floppies.
> The Mac I just got is a "Macintosh Classic II" , and I think it has a 1.44
> floppy
> drive.. It has System 7.1 OS also..
> So I will ask again if someone knows how I can teach the Mac to read
> from my PC,
> and also the reverse..
> I will be downloading software and files from the internet to my PC, and
> then I need to
> put them on the Mac Via Floppy disk..
> Can anyone help?
> Phil..
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