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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 16:44:58 1999

< I think you are refering to the single chip F8 ( 3780 ). The
<two chip F8 was considered the first 8 bit micro when I
<worked at Intel. I don't think history has changed much
<since then.

No I meant the multichip F8 (385x) from fairchild. It predates the 8080
by a tiny bit but not the 8008. The 3850/1 were made with N channel mos
Isoplanar technolgy that was not available when the 8008 (PMOS) was

<> Not true. It was still being made in the early 80s! I think DEC did
<> a last time buy in 84 or 85.
<I meant, new designs. Intel was using the 4040 series
<parts themselves until about '85 but the part was still long
<obsolete and not used in new designs.

Not specified previously. But true.

New designs from '73ish through the 80s tended to grab the newest or
similar but easier to use. For example people went from 8080 to 8085
or z80 for reduced chip count and/or simpler design.

In the 1971 through 1980 time frame I was:

1971 Sunrise electro ttl then later 8008, mobile data term
1973(early) Automated processess, early time code work for studios 8008
1975(late) Hazeltine, 8080 H1500, H1420
1976-8 TANDY TRS80, z80
1979(early) NEC Microcomputers, inc. (cmos micros, intel 2nd source, LCD
                                       display drivers)

Kept all the data books I had! I rely on them for dates and tech notes.
The F8 was not a popular chip save for it made cheap systems, horrid
instruction set.

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