E-bay stupidity! was Re: height of folly

From: Dwight Elvey <elvey_at_hal.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 17:01:56 1999

allisonp_at_world.std.com (Allison J Parent) wrote:
> No I meant the multichip F8 (385x) from fairchild. It predates the 8080
> by a tiny bit but not the 8008. The 3850/1 were made with N channel mos
> Isoplanar technolgy that was not available when the 8008 (PMOS) was
> designed.

 You could be right here but that isn't what I remember.
My old, mumbled up, mind could have got it wrong.

> Kept all the data books I had! I rely on them for dates and tech notes.
> The F8 was not a popular chip save for it made cheap systems, horrid
> instruction set.

 It was interesting that many parts of this processor were
vary similar to todays RISC designs but as a 8 bitter,
it was difficult to use without a good macro assembler that
could do much of the house keeping for you. They were used
quite a bit for machine control in the early days.
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