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From: LordTyran <a2k_at_one.net>
Date: Tue Jul 6 21:02:43 1999

I have several storage methods:

For Micros, I built a rack wide enough for each micro to sit next to its
disk/tape drives on a shelf and still be usable... there's a composite
monitor on top of the rack and a switcher (built out of 2x4s and plywood
in about 10 minutes. 4 shelves with brackets to hold spare cables on the
front. Looks quite nice, actually. Rather easy to do it you have
woodworking skills.

I had my miniframe sitting on a table for a while, then back to its floor
case. I have my laptop's docking station and a 386 (for my BBS) sitting on
the same table.

ICs and other small things go in an old Sears parts holder (designed for
screws I believe) that I built into my workbench.

I have three rubbermaid cabinets for motherboards, expansion cards, disk
drives, manuals, etc. Two are around three feet tall and have one shelf in
them and one is around 8 feet tall and has 6 shelves IIRC.

I built a small shelf for magazines and books next to the large cabinet
and is a convenient surface to drop things onto when I come into the room

Cables go into two large plastic boxes that someone gave me a long time
ago. Everything else is still in cardboard boxes from when I moved about
two months ago.

Hope this gives you a few ideas.




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