PC to Mac file transfers

From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Wed Jul 7 01:28:37 1999

On 6 Jul 99 at 21:02, TheDM wrote:

> There is a shareware program called Transmac. Search for yahoo on it, and
> it will show up. I use it for the same thing, it's great. Or. You can
> email it to your mac as well, I did that for a while.
> you will have to use 720k floppies I think, easy enough to tape over the HD
> hole and format it 720. If you need to transfer and a 720 wont do it, I
> have enough hardware to get it done, since I use I IIfx as an appletalk
> gateway over TCPIP.

 That's only if you need an 800k Mac disk as in the first SE and earlier
madels. Transmac will do the trick, altho Macdisk has more bells and whistles.
and IIRC the registered version will also do 800 k.
  Just dug this out:
Pierre Duhem
Logiciels & Services Duhem, Paris, France

ciao larry

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