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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Wed Jul 7 07:51:56 1999

Hi Glen, I'll keep this short as we're heading MAJORLY off topic here....

>Sorry to hear it. 95 OSR2.x is actually a bit more stable than the
>earlier versions, so if you're running something prior to 2.0 you
>may want to upgrade again (can't believe I'm saying this . . .)

On my home system I've found little difference in terms of stability between
OSR1 and 2 (I mainly run Office, IE4 and Frontpage, as well as some emulators),
but having supported WIn95 systems in two different jobs I'd not disagree with
that statement....

>> I'd be using Linux right now if I could get versions of the software
>>I need to use for it.
>They'll be here soon, we hope . . .

Quite, I've got some (little) experience with various flavours of Unix and it
would definitely be my OS of choice if I could get the software I need for's very frustrating.

  TTFN - Pete.

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