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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Wed Jul 7 08:08:04 1999

Hi Tony,

>> The thing about Sinclair machines is that they are masterpieces of
>I am not convinced they are good designs. We've had this discussion
>before on this list, but I will never be convinced that leaving out a
>couple of chips to save a few pence is a good thing if the result doesn't
>work properly.

Quite, but my point was that whoever designed them (Sir Clive or whoever)
REALLY understood what they were doing!

Although that said a lot of the design ideas could have (probably were) cribbed
from books like "The Cheap Video Cookbook" etc....

>Never had a System 1, always wanted one. I've got some of the later
>Systems in racks, including the 6809 version...

Likewise, I'd love to get my hands on a System 1 - I've never even seen one "in
the flesh". I wasn't aware that they developed the "System 1" further, I'd
always thought/assumed that Acorn quietly dropped the system after the "Atom"
popped up.

  <Mk 14>
>I have the tape interface. I think I saw the PROM programmer at an
>electronics show, so at least a prototype existed. Never saw any of the

One of my teachers at school was the only other person I've known who had a
Mk14 from new. I'm pretty sure he never managed to get any of the add ons other
than the tape interface, though ISTR he'd ordered the VDU and PROM programmer.

I think he ended up cancelling the orders due to non-delivery, the launch of
the VDU board was delayed several times ISTR. :-(

  TTFN - Pete.

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