BASIC and the KIM-1

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Fri Jul 9 18:20:34 1999

> Well, less, really, because the two together are 16K, and BASIC proper is
> only part of Kernal ROM. Still more code to read than I had in mind ;-)

After I sent my post I realized you were probably right. Oops...

> I'm pretty sure that Commodore exhaustively rewrote most of Microsoft's BASIC,
> though, by the time the VIC-20 finally got released. 128 BASIC and 65 BASIC,
> the ones that show a Microsoft credit, probably have no trace of the original
> code (paradoxically enough).

That doesn't mean the code is easy to understand! I tried to find the part
that assigns device numbers (0 to 31) to devices (keyboard, screen, serial
bus, tape, etc.) and I'm not sure if there's one single part that does that.

-- Derek
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