BASIC and the KIM-1

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Jul 12 07:16:50 1999

> ::Sorry.... No source....

> ::I might have a PROM image of the Basic that ran on the AIM-65. I might be
> ::able to read the PROM image next week.

> That would be cool (though a commented disassembly would be even better,
> if that's available from anyone). I'm really particularly interested in
> *any* small BASIC implementation on the 6502 (Commodore BASIC doesn't
> count -- *you* try wading through 16K of uncommented disassembly ;-).

Wasn't there a listing of a small basic for the SYM/KIM
in a Micro issue ? I think I remember ... I'll have to dig.

Anyway, there have been more than just one Basic for
the KIM.


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