RRD40 carts?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Jul 10 13:58:54 1999

><me suspect there is some sort of special DEC CD-ROM holder cartridge. If
><so, is there any source for these? (I've got Sun ones but have never seen
><any others besides them.)
>I think older sony used the same or was it panasonic.

I don't think so. That's the wierd caddy that you put the holder around
the CD, slip it into a sleeve, then stick the whole thing into the CD-ROM
drive and pull the sleeve back out leaving the holder and CD in the drive.

Any of the Sony drives I've seen used the more normal Caddies. I think one
of the old DEC Infoservers apparently has a drive that uses these. I think
it was a InfoServer 100 that I saw with one of these caddies sitting on top
of it. It was the only thing around that could have used it. Wasn't about
to investigate though because the system becomes to another group at work.

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