74123... What's it do?

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Date: Sat Jul 10 16:50:34 1999

>I know that it is a "one-shot". What does that

An external resistor and capacitor set a time constant. One-shots
produce output pulses, the width set by the time constant, in response
to certain changes in their inputs.

> The pinouts in the Chip Directory are
>no help.

"Well duh". Try a manufacturer's website, i.e. National Semiconductor's
Application Note #366, "Designer's Encyclopedia of One Shots", at


or Fairchild Semiconductor for the 74123 data sheet


If you have a nearby university, you'll be able to find the 74123 in
just about any TTL databook from the last 25 years or so. While you're
there, you might find a copy of Horowitz and Hill's _The Art of Electronics_.

Note that the 74LS123 is incompatible, for many applications, with the
non-LS 74123. This is the boundary between analog and digital technology...

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