IBM XT clone controller card problems

From: Charles P. Hobbs <>
Date: Sat Jul 10 17:35:36 1999

I was futzing around with an old XT clone last night. I hadn't even turned
it on in about two or three years, but it seemed to work ok. . .until I
accidentally bumped the table it was sitting on. Then it wouldn't boot
at all (hard drive crash?) I could still start it up from floppy, though.

So I tried FORMAT C:, but that wouldn't work. Neither would FORMATting the
drive after an FDISK. Low-level format time . . .I did the DEBUG G=C800:5
trick and got into the low-level format routine. Unfortunately I didn't
know the full details of the drive (cylinders, interleave, etc), so I
guessed a bit at some of the numbers.

Well, the LL format finished, and the drive seemed to work well. ..until
I rebooted the machine. Now the machine won't boot at all with the
controller card in it. (If I remove the entire controller card, not just
disconnect the HD, I can still boot from floppy)

So, did I permanently zonk out the drive? The Controller Card too?

Thanks in advance!

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