MicroVAX 3100 Problem

From: Pete Joules <peter_at_joules.enterprise-plc.com>
Date: Sun Jul 11 05:54:31 1999

| Well, a TZ30 is a little over an inch high, has a 'slidder bar' on the
| bottom below the tape slot for ejecting the tape. It has three lights and
| a push button on the side. The butten is to tell the system you're ready
| to kick the tape out and that it needs to let go of the leeder.
| The three lights are labeled:
| Write Protect
| Tape in Use
| Operate Lever
| I strongly suspect this is the drive you have. BTW, are you using tapes
| that say "CompacTape", also known as TK50's?

Yes to both. Its is as you suspect a TZ30 drive using TK50 tapes. It is likely that Allison is correct that the tape mmount has failed because I do not remember any activity noises from the drive after the initial tape load, I am not familiar enough with the drive to know whether the initial 'whirrings' sounded right or not.

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